My StenoMaster book arrived today *YaY* and even though I’m still waiting on my Keyboard and steno keys, I dived right in using the keyboard I already have.  There are only two combinations (at this point) I can not do, but hoping I get everything else I need in good time.

I first flipped through the book a bit to familiarize myself with it, then installed Plover to get started. Lesson 1 was some basics about the StenoMaster theory, hand placement and the alphabet. Lesson 2 was about homophones and how those are handled, and Lesson 3 was where I got to dig in to actually doing some typing.

I was thinking it would start out with letter drills kind of like how it was when I learned how to type, but no, it starts out with word drills which I kind of actually like. Im building my own dictionary from scratch here, so I put all the briefs in my dictionary. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of my keyboard, I cannot do one word and one phrase, but thats okay, for now anyway.

I warmed up with the practice words and breifs, and once I felt comfortable with that, lured kiddo into reading out the exercises for me to type to.  She was mumbling and watching TV the whole time and I had to keep asking her to repeat stuff, so once we were done, I thanked her for her help and recorded myself saying the phrases to practice to. I then also added StenoMaster as a project to my Toggl account to keep track of how long Im studying so that I can make sure Im spending enough time practicing each day.

I ended up logging about an hour and a half doing the practice exercises over and over until I was able to go through all of them without messing up and then called it a day. I took a quick glace at the exercises in Lesson 20 and my brain started melting lol but I am looking forward to the day I get to that lesson and Im all, “I’ve got this!”