So today I went back over the practice exercises for lessons 2 and 3, and then delved into Lesson 4.  It keeps getting trickier, but Im hanging on.. Today I practiced writing for 5 hours, but I still need to go over the exercises in L4 some more before Im comfortable enough to move on.

Today I got an email both from Plover about the keys, and the seller on ebay about my Sidewinder that they were shipped today *YaY!* Can’t wait…the further I go, the more briefs Im finding that I cant write on my standard keyboard. I really hope they arrive soon!!!

I posted on FB and also on Depoman about how things are going, and really encouraged by the support Im getting.  I almost feel like Im preparing to scale a mountain here! But Im very excited and motivated. Anyway, enough practice for today…I need to prepare for a meeting tomorrow and pull together some design ideas before I go to bed.