I didn’t really get to practice all that much today… I did about an hour and then had to get ready to head to my meeting which lasted a couple of hours…then got home and did another hour before I was on the phone / dinner, got in about another half hour and now heading back out again.  So yeah, only 2.5hrs of practice today.

Still though, I think I did well for the time I had.  I downloaded Drill Machine, and then redid the practice sentences from Lessons 3 and 4, and then saved them as files to use for drills.  That actually helps *a lot* because now I dont have to keep looking down at the book.  Also, since the book isnt right in front of me, it forces me to remember what keys Im supposed to use. I still had to check the book sometimes, but by the time I finished this last half hour of practice, I feel way more confident than I did last night and ready to move onto Lesson 5.

Another nice thing about Drill Machine, you set the speed you want, and it highlights the words at that speed.  Right now Im writing at a tad over 20wpm. Whooooo! LMFAO oh dear.