I actually just started Lesson 6 today, and have been on Lesson 5 since my last update.  Lesson 6 is the longest one so far, and so I felt all intimidated to even get started…but I did it!   Im still practicing every day, aiming for 4hrs at least still, but I had a project over the past few days and so I didn’t get the chance to focus as much as I would have liked to.  But I still did some practice every day, even if it was just to do finger drills.

Finger Drills are awesome btw!  To go from struggling with the first two sets for like an hour, to now being able to do all the sets for both my right and left hand in about 15m is sort of a huge morale boost! Also, its helping me learn where all the letters are, so its a bit easier to remember where a letter is in relation to the other letters as I go about my lessons.

I feel like Im doing good, but at the same time, I worry.  Like, I have so far to go here.. I had this thought yesterday as I was doing my practice sentences “Sal is sad.”, “Walt is with Spot” and I had a moment of panic attack like, what if when I’m all done with this book, all I can write are these practice sentences?! And then another thought hit me… I’ve never met a Walt in my life!!  When will I ever need that? Pushing those thoughts aside and moving forward!!