Last week, while looking for some books I came across my Stenomaster book, and realized it had been quite awhile since I last looked at it, more less studied my theory.  I think it came at the right time though, because I was hitting a bit of crossroads, and now have renewed interest and drive to continue on with this.

In this past year, I started back with a job that I had before, which I was excited about and delved into, but since then, have some doubts about my future with it. With my daughter starting college next year, having the stress over my financials have me taking things a bit more seriously.  Another thing is that I want to be able to do something of value.  Being able to provide CART services and know that what I do is making a difference in someones life is my ultimate goal.

Anyway, for the past week, I’ve been busy doing more research and in that happened to find this blog… It dawned on me that this was *my* blog!!!  It had really been that long.  I do not want to be among the many blogs I found that started off strong and then fizzled to nothing. Instead, I would like to join the ranks of those who made it and succeeded in their goals.

I started back today with Lesson 1, and it is amazing to me how much I retained.  If only I had never stopped, I would be done with learning theory and working on my speed by now.  Who knows where I would be right now…much further along than I am now, that is for sure! I do not want to make this mistake again, so I am back on the saddle and plan to stay on track.